Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Health Insurance Reform Madness

I have not written in weeks. Good grief, where does one start? Health care. I have an incredibly healthy family; I have been doubly blessed by this. But the idea of having the government worm its cold, "revenue" insatiable presence into our personal lives terrifies me.

Can we start by suggesting that the lawmakers read the bill? Next, they should be obligated to adhere to the same rules they wish to impose on American citizens. You know, they are totally exempt from the public health insurance reform program they want to ram through. Also, in other news, labor union members are also excused from the government-run health insurance. Nice dog bone, that, to repay the thugs who elected these individuals.

I also wonder in a disheartened sort of way how exactly this public health care system is planning to pay for the "health care" needs of its citizens, but also to the what, 12 million illegal immigrants it proposes to cover? What the heck? No representation without taxation. Once that boulder is kicked down the hill it will only gain more speed. Why not provide these immigrants with free health care? We pay for it anyway, through the emergency room write offs passed on to paying customers. We provide them free or reduced-cost education - sometimes at a better rate than taxpaying citizens' children can obtain. The next logical step in the democrats' playbook is to grant amnesty to all the illegal immigrants now sponging America dry. Those 12 million votes look mighty nice to the democrats, and heaven knows no one will want to vote for the party of individual rights and private enterprise once they have a hand to feed them and scratch their back at the same time.

Are we all howling at the wind? Can this madness be stopped? The spending, the deficit, the deflation of the dollar, the destruction of private industry through government takeovers, and now the brazen plan to obfuscate the rights of everyone as justification to provide health "insurance" to the few? There appears to be no safety net for arresting the irrational behavior of American lawmakers. I recall an Inspector General, Gerald Walpin, who was fired for doing his job and investigating fraud in government funding by a friend-of-Obama. Still wondering on that one; my understanding is that Obama has no authority to fire an Inspector General without the consent of the House and Senate. No one stopped it...those next elections can't come soon enough. Let's do a thorough house cleaning.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Just Another Photo Op?

New Yorkers should be fuming mad...what in heaven's name is our government doing flying an Air Force One jet near Manhattan? With fighter jet escort? Along the Hudson? The 9/11 flight plan? For a PHOTO OP? The lack of discretion here is unfathomable. You know, radio stations are required by law to give a bit of warning prior to running their "test" of the emergency broadcast system; I presume this is to avoid any ensuing panic. Did anyone in authority give New Yorkers a little "heads up"? No photo op is worth what the Obama administration just did to that city.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Reconcilation and Recommit

These words, "reconciliation" and "recommit" as used in the House and Senate are anything but reconciliatory. Speaker Pelosi and House democrats made a motion to enact "recommit" rules in the House in January, 2009. The effect muzzled any protest or meaningful debate on pending legislation by the opposing party. The most current offspring of recommit rules are the staggering stimulus ($780 Billion) and the drowning-in-pork omnibus appropriations bill.

But wait, there's addition to "recommit", the Speaker has not ruled out using "reconciliation" in order to shove through legislation usurping the health care industry under the guise of "universal health care" without so much as a whimper of protest. I don't pretend to understand the inner workings of the House and Senate, to be sure. However, on the enormous issue of government in essence seizing the health care industry, I believe that debate is in order. We need to demand it.

The brazen disregard by the Democrats of the intentions of check-and-balance provided by the U.S. Constitution is chilling. Before our country's leaders commit WE THE PEOPLE to a socialistic health care system, it needs to be scrutinized and debated by ALL of the representatives who have been elected to the House and Senate.

I know most people believe that the U.S. government is our friend. Here, No. An engorged and sickening stimulus bill was passed without EVEN BEING READ. What makes this any different? Health care, 17% of our national economy, is at risk of being taken over by the people who are in ultimate charge of the DMV and post office. Can you even begin to imagine a doctor visit a la department of public safety?

Pay attention to what's going on in Washington. Reconciliation and Recommit are not what they appear to be.

Monday, April 20, 2009

A House Divided Against Itself

I learned relevant truths from my mother. The first one is life is not fair and that expecting it to be so will disappoint you. Another was if you couldn't say something nice, to say nothing at all. Zip your lip!

This is some advice that Obama's mama perhaps did not give to him. Dude, you are the President of the United States. You are its primary representative; you need to be its cheerleader; its encourager and its most ardent fan! Instead you go trapsing across the globe waiting for photo ops and trashing your country and its people and its history! If you can't say something nice, BHO, then keep your trap shut! (As an aside, Mr. Obama, stop apologizing for ME, thank you very much; when I have behaved in an arrogant manner (sure, it's happened) I think it should be me seeking pardon!)

A house divided against itself cannot stand. Obama must stop criticizing America. He is hacking away at the foundation of our great nation, one pompous, arrogant, disparaging comment at a time.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Obama Book Deal

Mr. Obama apparently has some capitalist streak hidden deep down there somewhere...he is contracted to receive $1.9 million for writing a book after his presidency term is over. I am perplexed at how he can call corporate executives and investors "greedy". I am calling on his gracious spirit of beneficence to donate all of his book proceeds to charity...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Way to Go Arlen

Let's cheer on our occasional friend Arlen Specter for his stated "no" vote on the Employee Free Choice Act. Maybe his re-election is a little more precarious than it has been in the past! Either way, I am relieved. Now on to the other 15 things the Obama gang are up to...

Friday, March 20, 2009

No Meat on Bread and Butter Budget

Can anyone who really believes in the Obama administration and its policies please help me understand how they can continue to support this guy? How do you defend his behaviour?

He is trashing our economy, punishing achievers, ignoring the constitution and then blaming a prior administration. Democrats rationalize the spending frenzy as a necessary means by which America can deal with its three most pressing (??) issues: energy, health care, and education reform.

What a nice idea it is to have the government offices outfitted with "green" and alternative energy sources. Education reform? What cold-hearted tight wad would be against our kids getting the best schooling they can? And gosh, I don't want to have anyone not get the medical care they need.

Wake up, however, and realize that sometimes we can't have meat on a bread and butter budget. Our economy is in trouble and the government appears to be doing everything it can to perpetuate the problem by spending our future into oblivion. The government should be forced to do what any citizen would do when the money is gone. You stop spending it. You go back to the bare floor basics of what you need to survive.

It is tiresome that the democrats and their assistants in the major media continue to succeed at painting the conservatives as cold-hearted jerks who don't care about the needs of others. It is just not true! Do some research! Conservatives give away more money than liberals to philanthropic, charitable and religious organizations. Conservatives do care.

Even the most bleeding heart liberal needs to get the picture. If our country continues to spend recklessly, sell our souls to China or whoever will buy our mounting debt, and punitively tax the very people who provide traction and growth to the economy, the dollar will eventually become worthless. What then, liberal? What then? Where will the money come from? Society will never be the utopia you want, my liberal friend. Our priority right now is simply survival of our economy.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Government Encroachment On Your Freedom Cloaked as "Free Choice"

Any time we catch wind of some new proposed legislation it should be funneled through a filter of "will this result in more government involvement or less government involvement"? Cases in point in the media in the last couple of days: (1) the State of Connecticut proposes a subtle seizure of control of the Catholic church by forming a secular "board" which would govern the church's actions. Whoa! Anyone of any faith should be paying close attention to this one! and (2) the "Employee Free Choice Act" which is really anything but; it is a brazen move by democrats (who were solidly supported in their election by union groups) to remove the process of a private vote for or against the forming of new or joining existing unions! Next thing you know we will accompanied by "assistants" from the different political parties to the polling place and into the booth so we don't make a mistake casting our vote! Or Guido will move his trench coat to reveal his "piece" to help you decide which way to vote.

It is not just the economic impact the "card check" legislation would have, i.e. prices on consumer goods would increase across the board, but the erosion of individual freedom! This is where it is so scary. Even if union matters do not affect you personally, don't let these weasels poach the liberty of others. Next time the government may come after you.

Political Conversion - It Can Happen

I used to be a liberal. I was 19 years old and I was attracted to the idea of the world being perfectly fair to all people, being free of "nukes", everything and everyone equal...I went to a "no nukes" rally at the Federal Building in L.A., thinking that I was very socially aware and contributing to my world by protesting nuclear power and defensive weapons. But as I looked around that day at the people of varying ages, many smoking pot and behaving badly, I realized that these were not people I wanted to be when I grew up. That was the day I became a conservative, without even realizing what it was called to feel the way I did.

You just never know what someone else may be thinking or when their "Aha!" moment may come in regard to conservative vs. liberal principles. All we can do is continue to present the facts! I believe the tide is turning in the minds of many right now. Let's encourage the people who espouse conservative values to lead by example. It's time for change. Mmm hmm.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Handcuff the Octopus

Keeping abreast of what is going on behind the scenes of the Obama administration is akin to trying to herd cats. The "reinvestment" legislation was crammed down followed shortly by more bailout money, then a mortgage rescue plan. The ominbus appropriations bill came shortly thereafter, earmarks aplenty, but don't lose sight of the census being quietly lifted out of the hands of the commerce department. How about that $900 million to help rebuild Gaza (Hamas?? good grief) after Israel retaliated against a year long barrage of missile fire from the area? Gosh, I wish I knew we had that $900 million to burn; we could use that money to pay down the DEFICIT that Mr. Obama so gallantly declared he would cut in half in two years after he doubled it in one week...then there's the nicely packaged "Employee Free Choice Act" which is anything but freedom for employees but lots of power for the unions. Did I mention the big down payment for "health care", what, $653 billion, when no plan has been debated, discussed or decided on? For a transparent administration, there's sure a lot going on in a hurry and behind the curtain.

It is like trying to handcuff an octopus to keep track of this guy.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Great Journalism NY Times

A couple of quick thoughts: I think that my husband and I are good people. Taxes are due April 15. I wonder if the IRS will just let it go if we make an "innocent mistake" and forget to file or forget to pay? Somehow I doubt it...but maybe one of us could get a job in Mr. Obama's administration!

The New York Times reported today a hard-hitting, thought-provoking article today about Mr. Obama's INCREASED GRAY HAIR. Are you ...kidding me? Meanwhile, the FDIC chairwoman indicated today that the FDIC likely could be insolvent in six months, and yet the New York Times is reporting on Mr. Obama's hair color? Wow. I'd laugh if it wasn't so unbelievable back-assward.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Puppet Society?

Does anyone else find it sort of disturbing and creepy how much power the President appears to have over the financial state of the world? I know Obama and friends don't want to take any credit, ah, I mean, fault for the enormous loss of wealth in the stock market numbers since he took office. But how can they really believe this themselves? Every big drop in the market numbers coincides with a major decision or proclamation of the Obama administration. Passing the "stimulus", bailing out everyone and their brother (except me and anyone I know), Mr. Geithner's non-existent "plan" for fixing the housing and financial would appear that the deadly combination of an infatuated media and a communistic policy agenda makes it very easy for the current administration to manipulate the well-being of the economy to suit its needs!

It's really quite ingenious how Obama has used heightened fear of the future and the economy in the minds of millions to cram down this unprecedented spending spree in the name of averting disaster and "catastrophe".

I hope we can manage to come up with some way to protect ourselves, our futures, our money, our kids, from the wanton, reckless manipulation being wrought by these socialists. I am disgusted.

Monday, March 2, 2009

This quote is timely, from Thomas Jefferson:

I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.

Defend Your Post, Conservatives!

Well aren't you glad the sun continues to rise even when the stock market is tanking? It's God's reminder that He is in control and none of this worries Him. Good to know! In the meantime, though, we are living in this world and need to work to make some sense of it.

So, let's tackle a recurring theme emerging from the democrats when they discuss the republicans in the house and senate. It is this: in the debate over our government's deliberate course toward socialism, republicans are not being "constructive" because they vote against the democrats. Mr. Raul Emanuel was interviewed, shown on CNN last night, stating that the republicans' views and contributions will be taken under advisement when the republicans offer alternatives (which they have, every time) and when they are "constructive". This is amusing to me, that "constructive" in Obama-lingo apparently means total submission and abandonment of conservative principles! No, Obama and Emanuel, what you are looking for is total acquiesence and silence from your opposition. You'd probably like the conservatives to apologize too, for daring to not join in the Obama worship!

Whether conservatives can turn the political tide remains to be seen. However, there are now very few Americans who can continue to be disinterested bystanders in what is going on in politics. Too many political, financial and societal institutions are experiencing a downward freefall; the situation has caught the attention of even the most lackadaiscal and intellectually inert individuals. Now is an opportunity to show those people the ideas of the conservative model of government even if on a one-to-one basis. I think that people are feeling like they are not getting the whole story from the mainstream media (because they're not).

The liberals have been very successful in pigeonholing republicans/conservatives as old gray haired people who are out of touch with the younger generations of Americans. It's time for us to dismantle this falsehood! Get started, people. Start talking. Defend your position, because it is the right one.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Stop the Rich-Bashing

Let's stop the scary wave of resentment mounting in the rhetoric of people when discussing the wealthy. Who among us wouldn't enjoy a bit more money in the bank account? Who among us wouldn't like to have the "money can't make you happy but it does make things easier" in our favor? I know there are a lot of people in this country and in the world who have things very, very hard. But this us against them mentality is so destructive. My husband is employed by a couple of very successful and probably extremely wealthy men. Their company employs hundreds of people. They provide a product that customers need and want. Why in the world are we punishing the successful for being successful? Much of the time it appears that people are just in the right place at the right time when they come into money, but I also know a number of wealthy folks who have worked diligently at what they do, both to provide for their families and to obtain financial security. Don't let the undercurrent of hatred for the rich take you downstream! It is the wealthy who buy things, employ people, take risks, and now it looks like they are expected to shoulder the enormous burden of our government's freewheeling spending with increased taxes. It is unfair. It needs to stop.

Betcha a lot of employees are going to ask their employers to cap their salaries at $249,999. Who can blame them?

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Shame on Pork-Belly Republicans

Of the $480 billion appropriations bill just signed 40% of the 9,000 earmarks were put in by the Republicans! What are they THINKING? The goal here, conservatives, is to QUIT SPENDING and certainly not succumb to the temptation to nurse your own agenda by adding to the earmark problem. Republicans will have no leg to stand on in upcoming elections when met by an electorate which is angry about the lavish and wasteful spending of the government. What are they going to say to their constituents about their own acquiecense to this back-alley, you-rub-my-back-and-i'll-rub-yours practice? Earmarks make me think of the super small print you see (or rather, can't see) on the bottom of a credit card agreement, where in good faith you agree to their terms without fully reading the details. The details come back to bite you! Our own government should not be permitted to do these sleight of hand additions to a basic budget bill. It is wrong. Shame on the Republicans who joined in the pork orgy.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mr. Obama is a talented speaker. I am at a loss, however, on how to reconcile the words that come out of his mouth with the actions he has taken and plans to take. He is against earmarks? He is right on the money there; the American people strongly disagree with the practice. But then it is discovered that the current $400-odd billion appropriations bill that will be signed into law probably sometime this week, has nearly nine thousand (9,000)!!! earmarks. Some of these pet projects are so brazen and clearly unnecessary, just to hear the details of them is like fingernails on a chalkboard. Where is the transparency promised by this administration? Or is this the transparency - that the people in the Obama administration will say what you want to hear then do whatever they want, because the voters have neither the voice nor the numbers in the house and senate to stop it? It's like someone giving you the middle finger salute behind their back while they say soothing words to you. I don't like the feeling.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hey, here's some interesting stuff. A governor who wishes to forgo the "stimulus" money may be forced to take it anyway by its own state representatives! What? The stimulus money has some major tentacles attached to it, in that the states are required to enlarge their entitlement programs (welfare, unemployment) upon the receipt of the federal money. When the federal money runs out, which it will after two years (if our federal government doesn't bankrupt the country first), the state is required to continue the program on its own dime. Well, some of these governors are actually considering the dilatory effects this continuation of entitlements would create and are wisely inclined to decline the federal funds. Well, if that state is full of die-hard democrats who would really love to see the government control of people's lives enlarged, these state reps. can vote to overrule the decision of the governor! What the hell? It's like the federal government is engaging in some sort of demented extortion; a schoolyard bully demanding his way, either now or in the parking lot after school. Nice job, Obama administration, once again cornering your opposition and leaving them no reasonable option for protecting their state from burdensome tax increases and oppressive government intervention. So what's the point of having a governor? Hmmm. Imagine that G.E., big corporation, was giving its shareholders a "stimulus" option which came with some onerous requirements. Some shareholders would prefer to pass on it in favor of keeping their options open and freedom of choice. Well, part of the framework of the "stimulus" for the corporation came with a loophole that anyone who voted against it could basically be silenced and their votes overruled by the other shareholders. This is big-time extortion! Like what the mob would come up with if they put their "rules of the road" in writing! It is disgusting. Wake up people and make some noise!

Oh wait, I forgot, those of us with a voice who might want to make some noises of protestation of this insanity in our federal government are too busy trying to make a living so that the government can spend our money and raise our taxes so that we can bail out all the people who should not be homeowners! What happened to sitting down before you bought something and figuring out if you could afford it? Homes need maintenance and require insurance, property taxes to be paid, lawns to be mowed. These things factor in!

If my memory serves, the "reinvestment" stimulus package was signed by Mr. Obama just about 10 days ago. Well, this was a spending spree of magnificent proportions. $787 billion dollars, borrowed, which means interest will be owed, and lots of this money going toward totally ridiculous programs which have nothing stimulating about them. It is so interesting to me that now, 10 days after this spending-like-a-drunken-sailor event is made into law, Mr. Obama comes on the national news, upbraiding the federal government for its spending practices and declaring that his goal is to cut the federal deficit in half in the next two years. Wow, that some sleight of hand this guy has. The left hand is spending money that is not there, while the right hand is preaching of restraint and fiscal responsibility. Bit of a problem with hypocrisy there, don't ya think? Haven't heard a lot of CNN folks calling him to the carpet on it, either. Unbelievable.

My final little blurb is about Mr. Obama's "historic" economic and fiscal responsibility summit held yesterday in D.C. It appeared that he basically assembled 100 or so of his faithful kool-aid drinkers and a smattering of opponents from the republican party (just to make it appear fair). They all got together and met about a variety of subjects, then came back to a briefing room to discuss their meetings. It spiraled quickly into a worship session with Obama as the messiah and his followers blurting out their praise for his leadership and how grateful they are to be in his presence. I felt like I was watching some demented version of the Stepford Wives in government format. Are they putting some date rape drug or some other substance in the water of these federal bureaucrats? It was no surprise to me that the people espousing their unabashed praise and adulation of Mr. Obama were democrats or "community activists" who were no doubt delighted that Mr. Obama had just filled their troughs with enough cash to get them through the next few years of their lame projects. A few conservative types were allowed a brief, feeble plea for fairness in the congressional debate (remember, Nancy Pelosi quickly changed congressional rules which basically cut the voice boxes from anyone in the minority party some time back, once she became speaker of the house). Mr. Obama replied that basically the majority would prevail, and added that the republicans needed to be "constructive" in the debate process. No doubt, he is referring to the fact that only three republicans in the federal government were in favor of his "reinvestment" shenanigans and the others, standing on principles of conservatism, voted their conscience and against him. He clearly does not think that a vote against him, or those who would dare to question the motives or means of a piece of legislation, is "constructive". Let's then rewrite the meaning of the word "constructive" to mean "rollover and shut up". Okay, I get it. Anyway, the tone of this summit and its press release on the news was totally disturbing in its bias.

Done for now! Let's speak up people. Tell others what is going on. Know the facts. Let's not get depressed over it, but rather energize the argument and don't let our country fail for lack of involvement from you.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Can They Really Take Over My IRA Account?

Have you seen or heard anything about this story? What with the federal government running amok, spending money on TARPs and "Reinvestment" packages, what will they do when the money runs out, and printing more becomes unjustifyable? Well, in October 2008 Congress held hearings regarding the idea of the federal government taking over people's individual retirement accounts, "returning" them to the amount they held prior to the stock market plunge of late last year, and then depositing that money for you in your social security account. I am not making this up! see or search IRA government confiscation and you will find the lead article, featuring an economics professor Teresa Ghilarducci discussing the proposal.

Please tell me this gets your attention! This is YOUR money! The entire theme on which this proposal is based is that all the dollars really belong to the government, and it is just allowing you to use it. Or, deciding that the wealth needs to be "redistributed".

I am certain the American people would rebel about this IF THE MEDIA WOULD REPORT IT or even the idea of it. Be alert! Watch for this! We need to be ready if such a confiscation is even proposed.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

its the end of the world as we know it

okay, what a hideous day this has been for the United States! Mr. Obama has signed a bill that perpetuates an enormous load of debt for nonsense like ATV park trails, dog park, honeybee insurance, saving Nancy Pelosi's district-dwelling-salt-marsh-mouse, buying new cars for federal employees, STD prevention programs, ad nauseum. oh yeah, i guess the commerce department is in need of redecorating! is anyone out there paying attention to this? i am amazed that after the promises of a transparent White House administration we have a tax cheater for Treasury Secretary (every time Mr. Geitner speaks the stock market plunges). Mr. Richardson had some little Grand Jury issue, so he'd have to pass on a cabinet position. Oh Mr. Daschel, a $128,000 tax bill "oversight" and "honest" mistake is more than most people will make in several years! And this was only his tax bill? Mr. Obama's declaration that any potential legislation would be posted on a website for the public to read and review (and the administration would take into account the public's opinion) for five days before it is presented for a vote!!! What happened to that? Why do i not see these things reported on CNN or Headline News?

I cannot believe how fast and furious this heinous bill was passed and signed. Our economy needed "something" to be done, so spending $788 billion of money we don't have was better than nothing. NOT! The best way for our economy to recover would be to let people keep more of the money they earn! Get off the backs of small business owners! Reduce corporate income and payroll taxes. It should not cost so much money just to employ a worker. It sounds like Mr. Obama feels that the entrepreneurs of this country aren't giving their fair share of their money. It is them that will bear the brunt of this staggering burdensome deficit spending. It is the people who have some money that risk it to start new businesses! Punishing successful people will quash their interest or capability to continue assuming such risks! When was the last time a poor person offered you a job?

this weekend's newspaper in the Houston Chronicle detailed the amounts of the various "tax cuts" and "spending" outlined in the "stimulus" bill. it was interesting that none of the offensive pork and earmarked spending details were spelled out in the chart. However, upon further scrutiny, the article showed a column for "other" in many of the columns. The total amount of "other" was more than $37 BILLION dollars! wow! that is a pretty significant amount to only merit the designation of "other" spending!

can we talk about the census? in 2010 the commerce department is (was?) scheduled to conduct the once-a-decade census which determines boundaries for congressional districts, public funding for government programs, etc., based on population figures. the reason the commerce department does this is because the congress, senate and presidential administration should not be able to manipulate the data obtained in the census; the commerce department is intended to be a non-partisan, information gathering agent in the course of administering the census. Mr. Obama is making the hugest power grab imaginable here; by casually declaring that he wants his admininstration to take over the job, he and his colleagues in the democrat party can basically unilaterally and without the bothersome interference of anyone, assign new districts and increase the democrat's voting base without a whimper of objection from anyone. Foxes guarding the chickens!

the political system is never going to be the salvation of the people of any country. the United States has the best thing going. To let it slide into a socialist republic is akin to giving up on life because you suffer from the common cold. Spread the word of what is happening in Washington, D.C. If we concede without so much as a word of dissent to this unraveling of the fabric of our free market, free society, it will be an irreversible tragedy.