Monday, April 20, 2009

A House Divided Against Itself

I learned relevant truths from my mother. The first one is life is not fair and that expecting it to be so will disappoint you. Another was if you couldn't say something nice, to say nothing at all. Zip your lip!

This is some advice that Obama's mama perhaps did not give to him. Dude, you are the President of the United States. You are its primary representative; you need to be its cheerleader; its encourager and its most ardent fan! Instead you go trapsing across the globe waiting for photo ops and trashing your country and its people and its history! If you can't say something nice, BHO, then keep your trap shut! (As an aside, Mr. Obama, stop apologizing for ME, thank you very much; when I have behaved in an arrogant manner (sure, it's happened) I think it should be me seeking pardon!)

A house divided against itself cannot stand. Obama must stop criticizing America. He is hacking away at the foundation of our great nation, one pompous, arrogant, disparaging comment at a time.

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