Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Health Insurance Reform Madness

I have not written in weeks. Good grief, where does one start? Health care. I have an incredibly healthy family; I have been doubly blessed by this. But the idea of having the government worm its cold, "revenue" insatiable presence into our personal lives terrifies me.

Can we start by suggesting that the lawmakers read the bill? Next, they should be obligated to adhere to the same rules they wish to impose on American citizens. You know, they are totally exempt from the public health insurance reform program they want to ram through. Also, in other news, labor union members are also excused from the government-run health insurance. Nice dog bone, that, to repay the thugs who elected these individuals.

I also wonder in a disheartened sort of way how exactly this public health care system is planning to pay for the "health care" needs of its citizens, but also to the what, 12 million illegal immigrants it proposes to cover? What the heck? No representation without taxation. Once that boulder is kicked down the hill it will only gain more speed. Why not provide these immigrants with free health care? We pay for it anyway, through the emergency room write offs passed on to paying customers. We provide them free or reduced-cost education - sometimes at a better rate than taxpaying citizens' children can obtain. The next logical step in the democrats' playbook is to grant amnesty to all the illegal immigrants now sponging America dry. Those 12 million votes look mighty nice to the democrats, and heaven knows no one will want to vote for the party of individual rights and private enterprise once they have a hand to feed them and scratch their back at the same time.

Are we all howling at the wind? Can this madness be stopped? The spending, the deficit, the deflation of the dollar, the destruction of private industry through government takeovers, and now the brazen plan to obfuscate the rights of everyone as justification to provide health "insurance" to the few? There appears to be no safety net for arresting the irrational behavior of American lawmakers. I recall an Inspector General, Gerald Walpin, who was fired for doing his job and investigating fraud in government funding by a friend-of-Obama. Still wondering on that one; my understanding is that Obama has no authority to fire an Inspector General without the consent of the House and Senate. No one stopped it...those next elections can't come soon enough. Let's do a thorough house cleaning.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Just Another Photo Op?

New Yorkers should be fuming mad...what in heaven's name is our government doing flying an Air Force One jet near Manhattan? With fighter jet escort? Along the Hudson? The 9/11 flight plan? For a PHOTO OP? The lack of discretion here is unfathomable. You know, radio stations are required by law to give a bit of warning prior to running their "test" of the emergency broadcast system; I presume this is to avoid any ensuing panic. Did anyone in authority give New Yorkers a little "heads up"? No photo op is worth what the Obama administration just did to that city.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Reconcilation and Recommit

These words, "reconciliation" and "recommit" as used in the House and Senate are anything but reconciliatory. Speaker Pelosi and House democrats made a motion to enact "recommit" rules in the House in January, 2009. The effect muzzled any protest or meaningful debate on pending legislation by the opposing party. The most current offspring of recommit rules are the staggering stimulus ($780 Billion) and the drowning-in-pork omnibus appropriations bill.

But wait, there's addition to "recommit", the Speaker has not ruled out using "reconciliation" in order to shove through legislation usurping the health care industry under the guise of "universal health care" without so much as a whimper of protest. I don't pretend to understand the inner workings of the House and Senate, to be sure. However, on the enormous issue of government in essence seizing the health care industry, I believe that debate is in order. We need to demand it.

The brazen disregard by the Democrats of the intentions of check-and-balance provided by the U.S. Constitution is chilling. Before our country's leaders commit WE THE PEOPLE to a socialistic health care system, it needs to be scrutinized and debated by ALL of the representatives who have been elected to the House and Senate.

I know most people believe that the U.S. government is our friend. Here, No. An engorged and sickening stimulus bill was passed without EVEN BEING READ. What makes this any different? Health care, 17% of our national economy, is at risk of being taken over by the people who are in ultimate charge of the DMV and post office. Can you even begin to imagine a doctor visit a la department of public safety?

Pay attention to what's going on in Washington. Reconciliation and Recommit are not what they appear to be.

Monday, April 20, 2009

A House Divided Against Itself

I learned relevant truths from my mother. The first one is life is not fair and that expecting it to be so will disappoint you. Another was if you couldn't say something nice, to say nothing at all. Zip your lip!

This is some advice that Obama's mama perhaps did not give to him. Dude, you are the President of the United States. You are its primary representative; you need to be its cheerleader; its encourager and its most ardent fan! Instead you go trapsing across the globe waiting for photo ops and trashing your country and its people and its history! If you can't say something nice, BHO, then keep your trap shut! (As an aside, Mr. Obama, stop apologizing for ME, thank you very much; when I have behaved in an arrogant manner (sure, it's happened) I think it should be me seeking pardon!)

A house divided against itself cannot stand. Obama must stop criticizing America. He is hacking away at the foundation of our great nation, one pompous, arrogant, disparaging comment at a time.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Obama Book Deal

Mr. Obama apparently has some capitalist streak hidden deep down there somewhere...he is contracted to receive $1.9 million for writing a book after his presidency term is over. I am perplexed at how he can call corporate executives and investors "greedy". I am calling on his gracious spirit of beneficence to donate all of his book proceeds to charity...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Way to Go Arlen

Let's cheer on our occasional friend Arlen Specter for his stated "no" vote on the Employee Free Choice Act. Maybe his re-election is a little more precarious than it has been in the past! Either way, I am relieved. Now on to the other 15 things the Obama gang are up to...

Friday, March 20, 2009

No Meat on Bread and Butter Budget

Can anyone who really believes in the Obama administration and its policies please help me understand how they can continue to support this guy? How do you defend his behaviour?

He is trashing our economy, punishing achievers, ignoring the constitution and then blaming a prior administration. Democrats rationalize the spending frenzy as a necessary means by which America can deal with its three most pressing (??) issues: energy, health care, and education reform.

What a nice idea it is to have the government offices outfitted with "green" and alternative energy sources. Education reform? What cold-hearted tight wad would be against our kids getting the best schooling they can? And gosh, I don't want to have anyone not get the medical care they need.

Wake up, however, and realize that sometimes we can't have meat on a bread and butter budget. Our economy is in trouble and the government appears to be doing everything it can to perpetuate the problem by spending our future into oblivion. The government should be forced to do what any citizen would do when the money is gone. You stop spending it. You go back to the bare floor basics of what you need to survive.

It is tiresome that the democrats and their assistants in the major media continue to succeed at painting the conservatives as cold-hearted jerks who don't care about the needs of others. It is just not true! Do some research! Conservatives give away more money than liberals to philanthropic, charitable and religious organizations. Conservatives do care.

Even the most bleeding heart liberal needs to get the picture. If our country continues to spend recklessly, sell our souls to China or whoever will buy our mounting debt, and punitively tax the very people who provide traction and growth to the economy, the dollar will eventually become worthless. What then, liberal? What then? Where will the money come from? Society will never be the utopia you want, my liberal friend. Our priority right now is simply survival of our economy.