Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Health Insurance Reform Madness

I have not written in weeks. Good grief, where does one start? Health care. I have an incredibly healthy family; I have been doubly blessed by this. But the idea of having the government worm its cold, "revenue" insatiable presence into our personal lives terrifies me.

Can we start by suggesting that the lawmakers read the bill? Next, they should be obligated to adhere to the same rules they wish to impose on American citizens. You know, they are totally exempt from the public health insurance reform program they want to ram through. Also, in other news, labor union members are also excused from the government-run health insurance. Nice dog bone, that, to repay the thugs who elected these individuals.

I also wonder in a disheartened sort of way how exactly this public health care system is planning to pay for the "health care" needs of its citizens, but also to the what, 12 million illegal immigrants it proposes to cover? What the heck? No representation without taxation. Once that boulder is kicked down the hill it will only gain more speed. Why not provide these immigrants with free health care? We pay for it anyway, through the emergency room write offs passed on to paying customers. We provide them free or reduced-cost education - sometimes at a better rate than taxpaying citizens' children can obtain. The next logical step in the democrats' playbook is to grant amnesty to all the illegal immigrants now sponging America dry. Those 12 million votes look mighty nice to the democrats, and heaven knows no one will want to vote for the party of individual rights and private enterprise once they have a hand to feed them and scratch their back at the same time.

Are we all howling at the wind? Can this madness be stopped? The spending, the deficit, the deflation of the dollar, the destruction of private industry through government takeovers, and now the brazen plan to obfuscate the rights of everyone as justification to provide health "insurance" to the few? There appears to be no safety net for arresting the irrational behavior of American lawmakers. I recall an Inspector General, Gerald Walpin, who was fired for doing his job and investigating fraud in government funding by a friend-of-Obama. Still wondering on that one; my understanding is that Obama has no authority to fire an Inspector General without the consent of the House and Senate. No one stopped it...those next elections can't come soon enough. Let's do a thorough house cleaning.

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  1. Tammy, I am a "politicallyfrustratedhousewife"! I am contacting every representative who I know is swaying toward voting for this fiasco and promising to campaign against them next year, and thanking those politicians who are taking a stand against Obamacare. You are not alone----keep it up! Carol