Thursday, March 26, 2009

Obama Book Deal

Mr. Obama apparently has some capitalist streak hidden deep down there somewhere...he is contracted to receive $1.9 million for writing a book after his presidency term is over. I am perplexed at how he can call corporate executives and investors "greedy". I am calling on his gracious spirit of beneficence to donate all of his book proceeds to charity...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Way to Go Arlen

Let's cheer on our occasional friend Arlen Specter for his stated "no" vote on the Employee Free Choice Act. Maybe his re-election is a little more precarious than it has been in the past! Either way, I am relieved. Now on to the other 15 things the Obama gang are up to...

Friday, March 20, 2009

No Meat on Bread and Butter Budget

Can anyone who really believes in the Obama administration and its policies please help me understand how they can continue to support this guy? How do you defend his behaviour?

He is trashing our economy, punishing achievers, ignoring the constitution and then blaming a prior administration. Democrats rationalize the spending frenzy as a necessary means by which America can deal with its three most pressing (??) issues: energy, health care, and education reform.

What a nice idea it is to have the government offices outfitted with "green" and alternative energy sources. Education reform? What cold-hearted tight wad would be against our kids getting the best schooling they can? And gosh, I don't want to have anyone not get the medical care they need.

Wake up, however, and realize that sometimes we can't have meat on a bread and butter budget. Our economy is in trouble and the government appears to be doing everything it can to perpetuate the problem by spending our future into oblivion. The government should be forced to do what any citizen would do when the money is gone. You stop spending it. You go back to the bare floor basics of what you need to survive.

It is tiresome that the democrats and their assistants in the major media continue to succeed at painting the conservatives as cold-hearted jerks who don't care about the needs of others. It is just not true! Do some research! Conservatives give away more money than liberals to philanthropic, charitable and religious organizations. Conservatives do care.

Even the most bleeding heart liberal needs to get the picture. If our country continues to spend recklessly, sell our souls to China or whoever will buy our mounting debt, and punitively tax the very people who provide traction and growth to the economy, the dollar will eventually become worthless. What then, liberal? What then? Where will the money come from? Society will never be the utopia you want, my liberal friend. Our priority right now is simply survival of our economy.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Government Encroachment On Your Freedom Cloaked as "Free Choice"

Any time we catch wind of some new proposed legislation it should be funneled through a filter of "will this result in more government involvement or less government involvement"? Cases in point in the media in the last couple of days: (1) the State of Connecticut proposes a subtle seizure of control of the Catholic church by forming a secular "board" which would govern the church's actions. Whoa! Anyone of any faith should be paying close attention to this one! and (2) the "Employee Free Choice Act" which is really anything but; it is a brazen move by democrats (who were solidly supported in their election by union groups) to remove the process of a private vote for or against the forming of new or joining existing unions! Next thing you know we will accompanied by "assistants" from the different political parties to the polling place and into the booth so we don't make a mistake casting our vote! Or Guido will move his trench coat to reveal his "piece" to help you decide which way to vote.

It is not just the economic impact the "card check" legislation would have, i.e. prices on consumer goods would increase across the board, but the erosion of individual freedom! This is where it is so scary. Even if union matters do not affect you personally, don't let these weasels poach the liberty of others. Next time the government may come after you.

Political Conversion - It Can Happen

I used to be a liberal. I was 19 years old and I was attracted to the idea of the world being perfectly fair to all people, being free of "nukes", everything and everyone equal...I went to a "no nukes" rally at the Federal Building in L.A., thinking that I was very socially aware and contributing to my world by protesting nuclear power and defensive weapons. But as I looked around that day at the people of varying ages, many smoking pot and behaving badly, I realized that these were not people I wanted to be when I grew up. That was the day I became a conservative, without even realizing what it was called to feel the way I did.

You just never know what someone else may be thinking or when their "Aha!" moment may come in regard to conservative vs. liberal principles. All we can do is continue to present the facts! I believe the tide is turning in the minds of many right now. Let's encourage the people who espouse conservative values to lead by example. It's time for change. Mmm hmm.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Handcuff the Octopus

Keeping abreast of what is going on behind the scenes of the Obama administration is akin to trying to herd cats. The "reinvestment" legislation was crammed down followed shortly by more bailout money, then a mortgage rescue plan. The ominbus appropriations bill came shortly thereafter, earmarks aplenty, but don't lose sight of the census being quietly lifted out of the hands of the commerce department. How about that $900 million to help rebuild Gaza (Hamas?? good grief) after Israel retaliated against a year long barrage of missile fire from the area? Gosh, I wish I knew we had that $900 million to burn; we could use that money to pay down the DEFICIT that Mr. Obama so gallantly declared he would cut in half in two years after he doubled it in one week...then there's the nicely packaged "Employee Free Choice Act" which is anything but freedom for employees but lots of power for the unions. Did I mention the big down payment for "health care", what, $653 billion, when no plan has been debated, discussed or decided on? For a transparent administration, there's sure a lot going on in a hurry and behind the curtain.

It is like trying to handcuff an octopus to keep track of this guy.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Great Journalism NY Times

A couple of quick thoughts: I think that my husband and I are good people. Taxes are due April 15. I wonder if the IRS will just let it go if we make an "innocent mistake" and forget to file or forget to pay? Somehow I doubt it...but maybe one of us could get a job in Mr. Obama's administration!

The New York Times reported today a hard-hitting, thought-provoking article today about Mr. Obama's INCREASED GRAY HAIR. Are you ...kidding me? Meanwhile, the FDIC chairwoman indicated today that the FDIC likely could be insolvent in six months, and yet the New York Times is reporting on Mr. Obama's hair color? Wow. I'd laugh if it wasn't so unbelievable back-assward.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Puppet Society?

Does anyone else find it sort of disturbing and creepy how much power the President appears to have over the financial state of the world? I know Obama and friends don't want to take any credit, ah, I mean, fault for the enormous loss of wealth in the stock market numbers since he took office. But how can they really believe this themselves? Every big drop in the market numbers coincides with a major decision or proclamation of the Obama administration. Passing the "stimulus", bailing out everyone and their brother (except me and anyone I know), Mr. Geithner's non-existent "plan" for fixing the housing and financial would appear that the deadly combination of an infatuated media and a communistic policy agenda makes it very easy for the current administration to manipulate the well-being of the economy to suit its needs!

It's really quite ingenious how Obama has used heightened fear of the future and the economy in the minds of millions to cram down this unprecedented spending spree in the name of averting disaster and "catastrophe".

I hope we can manage to come up with some way to protect ourselves, our futures, our money, our kids, from the wanton, reckless manipulation being wrought by these socialists. I am disgusted.

Monday, March 2, 2009

This quote is timely, from Thomas Jefferson:

I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.

Defend Your Post, Conservatives!

Well aren't you glad the sun continues to rise even when the stock market is tanking? It's God's reminder that He is in control and none of this worries Him. Good to know! In the meantime, though, we are living in this world and need to work to make some sense of it.

So, let's tackle a recurring theme emerging from the democrats when they discuss the republicans in the house and senate. It is this: in the debate over our government's deliberate course toward socialism, republicans are not being "constructive" because they vote against the democrats. Mr. Raul Emanuel was interviewed, shown on CNN last night, stating that the republicans' views and contributions will be taken under advisement when the republicans offer alternatives (which they have, every time) and when they are "constructive". This is amusing to me, that "constructive" in Obama-lingo apparently means total submission and abandonment of conservative principles! No, Obama and Emanuel, what you are looking for is total acquiesence and silence from your opposition. You'd probably like the conservatives to apologize too, for daring to not join in the Obama worship!

Whether conservatives can turn the political tide remains to be seen. However, there are now very few Americans who can continue to be disinterested bystanders in what is going on in politics. Too many political, financial and societal institutions are experiencing a downward freefall; the situation has caught the attention of even the most lackadaiscal and intellectually inert individuals. Now is an opportunity to show those people the ideas of the conservative model of government even if on a one-to-one basis. I think that people are feeling like they are not getting the whole story from the mainstream media (because they're not).

The liberals have been very successful in pigeonholing republicans/conservatives as old gray haired people who are out of touch with the younger generations of Americans. It's time for us to dismantle this falsehood! Get started, people. Start talking. Defend your position, because it is the right one.