Friday, March 20, 2009

No Meat on Bread and Butter Budget

Can anyone who really believes in the Obama administration and its policies please help me understand how they can continue to support this guy? How do you defend his behaviour?

He is trashing our economy, punishing achievers, ignoring the constitution and then blaming a prior administration. Democrats rationalize the spending frenzy as a necessary means by which America can deal with its three most pressing (??) issues: energy, health care, and education reform.

What a nice idea it is to have the government offices outfitted with "green" and alternative energy sources. Education reform? What cold-hearted tight wad would be against our kids getting the best schooling they can? And gosh, I don't want to have anyone not get the medical care they need.

Wake up, however, and realize that sometimes we can't have meat on a bread and butter budget. Our economy is in trouble and the government appears to be doing everything it can to perpetuate the problem by spending our future into oblivion. The government should be forced to do what any citizen would do when the money is gone. You stop spending it. You go back to the bare floor basics of what you need to survive.

It is tiresome that the democrats and their assistants in the major media continue to succeed at painting the conservatives as cold-hearted jerks who don't care about the needs of others. It is just not true! Do some research! Conservatives give away more money than liberals to philanthropic, charitable and religious organizations. Conservatives do care.

Even the most bleeding heart liberal needs to get the picture. If our country continues to spend recklessly, sell our souls to China or whoever will buy our mounting debt, and punitively tax the very people who provide traction and growth to the economy, the dollar will eventually become worthless. What then, liberal? What then? Where will the money come from? Society will never be the utopia you want, my liberal friend. Our priority right now is simply survival of our economy.

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